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  1. Festival Green Riesling

    Festival Green Riesling

    100% Riesling Vintage: 2016 Style: Dry, off-dry Colour / Appearance: green apple Aroma / Bouquet: This refreshing Riesling has the variety’s characteristic austerity with clean acid definition, yet in harmonious tune. Delicate aromas and are dominated by the scent of peach, apple and lime with a dominate mineral note. Palate: This Riesling gives you a refreshing feeling, full of flowery, lime and peach flavour accompanied by subtle mineral taste. Food Pairing: fresh salads, fruit salad, a lovely wine for the terrace. Cantonese Cuisine: such as steamed scallops, stir-fried clams, steamed fish, oysters, sashimi and cold seafood platter. Learn More

    Regular Price: $285.00

    Special Price $200.00

    As low as: $166.66
  2. Fesival Muskateller

    Festival Mustateller

    100% Muskateller Name: Muskateller Colour / Appearance: light green appearance Delicate aroma, with attractive flowery bouquet, guava, eucalyptus, pomelo and exotic fruits round with a beautiful acdic balance. very fruity, fine fruitiness release softly on your palate. Learn More

    Regular Price: $290.00

    Special Price $210.00

    As low as: $175.00
  3. Gewurztraminer

    Festival Gewurztraminer

    Gewürztraminer Germany 2016 100% Gewürztraminer Appearance: 淺黃色 lightly golden Aroma / Bouquet: 優雅的花香,荔枝,杏仁, 礦物 Elegant flowery bouquet, mineral, litchi, Almond Palette: 口感細膩,柔軟。富有特色,細緻優雅的葡萄酒。 delicate and soft, full of finesse. Elegant wine with special character Learn More

    Regular Price: $285.00

    Special Price $210.00

    As low as: $175.00
  4. Rivaner Muskateller

    Festival Rivaner Muskateller

    50% Rivaer 50% Muskateller Colour / Appearance: 淺青蘋果 pale green apple Aroma / Bouquet: 蘋果,香李,蜜瓜,熱情果 apple, Quince, melon, passion fruit Palate: 清新, 帶有熱情果的氣息,夾著點點芒果及蜜瓜氣情. 半乾風格, 清爽令人一喝再喝 light, refreshing, taste of passion fruit, touch of mango and melon. off-dry style, light and easy drinking Learn More

    Regular Price: $285.00

    Special Price $210.00

    As low as: $175.00
  5. Riesling Gewurztraminer

    Festival Riesling & Gewurztraminer

    難以決定? 二者雜矛一身. 充滿果香花香, 桃子, 荔枝, 芒果. 果香豐富, 花香細緻, 帶來不一樣的驚喜! Can't decide? This might give you a pleasant surprise! Roses, apple, peach, lychee, mango.. just sit back and relax. Learn More

    Regular Price: $285.00

    Special Price $210.00

    As low as: $175.00
  6. Black Riesling

    Festival Black Riesling

    100% Riesling, Kabinet, Off-dry

    Colour / Appearance: Golden colour Aroma / Bouquet: Delicate & lifted aromas of ripe peach, apricot fruit, with an underlying flowery and honey note.

    Palate: The aromas fill the mouth with intense fruit flavour of very ripe peach, dried raisin, apricot. Very dominant mineral tone and long lasting taste.

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $285.00

    Special Price $210.00

    As low as: $175.00
  7. Gewürztraminer Late harvest winery of the year

    Festival Gewürztraminer medium sweet

    100% Gewürztraminer

     Vintage: 2018

    Style: Semi-Dry, Made from late harvest grapes

    Colour / Appearance: Nice golden with weight.

    Aroma / Bouquet: Prized for its golden colour, remarkable lychee litchi and flowery bouquet. Superb body with wealth of exquisite aromas and underlying mineral note.

    Palate: The palate is full and round. Abundant lychee flavour, very flowery and end with an attractive subtle mineral note lingering on the long lasting finish.

    Food Pairing: Pair especially well with spicy food & strong cheeses or simply enjoy alone!

    Learn More

    Regular Price: $320.00

    Special Price $260.00

    As low as: $216.60
  8. Gewurztraminer

    Festival Gewurztraminer Sweet

    100% Gewürztraminer Colour / Appearance: 油潤的金黃色 oily, golden Aroma / Bouquet: 極其果香,絢麗的香氣,澎拜的荔枝,花香,龍眼乾,桂圓和蜂蜜香 Extremely fruity, LITCHI, flowery aroma, dominant litchi and honey nose Palate: 口感飽滿,持久。 果香極其豐富,層次複集,加上美麗均衡的礦物氣息,完美無瑕。喜歡甜品酒的必點 weighty mouthful, lasting palate. Flawless characters with many layers of fruits, balanced by a beautiful mineral finish. Learn More

    Regular Price: $420.00

    Special Price $360.00

    As low as: $300.00

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