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Everybody is looking for a better and more comfortable life: a peaceful and healthy life without worries. There are things which are under our control like selection of healthy food and beverage and dairy products.

Food manufacturing contains hundreds of steps before a final product is produced. Each step is driven by cost optimization through manipulations. Consequently the result is: artificial ingredients instead of natural ingredients, chemical adders instead of natural ingredients. In terms of farming: high quantity yield by using a lot of chemical fertilizer and pesticide instead of high quality natural produce.

Greenpeace, environmental groups and German consumer council publish and warn regularly consumers about food manipulation and high level of pesticide load in some fruit and vegetable which causes health issues and long term damage for our planet.

Natural and Organic products are the respond for better life:

healthy people, healthy planet.

This is our commitment to our consumers and our beautiful nature, our passion, guideline and asset to offer healthy and environmental friendly Wines to our customers. Wine Selection Best German Quality Wines believes on that and is committed to a Natural and Organic product portfolio.

German Organic Standard

Germany has the highest Organic standard in the world. Local Biodynamic or organic associations like Ecovin, Demeter, Ecoland, Naturland, Bioland set their guidelines, standards and control far beyond the EU standards.

Currently 68% of all Bio farms in Germany are following the national Bio standards; only 32% are following just the EU standard. The reason why German Bio farmers choose to follow the national bio standards reflects the higher expectations of German consumers and their concern over the loose EU standard and control in general.

That is also the reason why the local consumers prefer regional Bio products than those from other countries.

Our brands are the third largest bio wine producers in Germany. Today around 8% of all vineyards in Germany do organic.

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