Traditional Handpick Wine We consider wines as our cultural asset and are committed to long tradition of natural wines manufacturing. Our guideline is wine as natural product and therefore we disapprove any manipulation on taste by fragmentation and de-fragmentation and aromas adder..


The taste and character of a natural manufactured wine depends on many factors like climate, soil condition, location, weather condition (sun shine and rain), humidity, temperature, etc.. temperature variation during the growing period of the grape varies from year to year. Consequently the taste must vary from year to year if it has been manufactured in a natural way.       

Specific micro climate in south western Germany, enables our wineries producing high quality wines.



In some area outside of Europe some ‘'Coca Cola Wine manufacturers'’ manufacture wines with support of artificial processes to get a constant taste. This kind of Wines are no longer naturally manufactured. The artificially manufactured  ‘wine’ fragments wines by specials method into 3 major parts (many flavours; water and alcohol) and than de-fragment according to themarket need with additional water 7%; many additional flavours and up to 35% sugar and Alcohol.